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DeRosa Literature Survey Fall 2011

Look through the table of contents of your assigned journals and search for the lab keywords listed below. Save the titles, author list and abstracts of the relevant articles on the t: drive (T://DeRosa Group/Shared Folder/Lit Survey). Be sure to also place any relevant SELEX articles in the database spreadsheet (T://DeRosa Group/Shared Folder/Aptamer Database).

DeRosa Literature Survey Summer 2012

  • Darren:

ChemBioChem Angewandte Chemie

  • Xueru:

Journal of Controlled Release
Biosensors and Bioelectronics

  • Erin:

Chemical Communications

  • Amanda Foster:


  • Emily Brown:

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (What used to be called Oligonucleotides)
Bioconjugate chemistry

  • Rachel:

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

  • Kayla:


  • Velu:

Analytical Chemistry
ACS Nano

  • Annamaria:

Nucleic Acids Research

  • Erin C:


  • Rochelle:

Chemistry : A European Journal


aptamers, aptasensors, biosensors, bipyridine, capsid, Cobalt, Controlled release, deoxynivalenol, Dopamine, DTPA, electrochemical sensors, excimer, Fumonisin, Gadolinium(III), Gold (Au) Nanoparticles, In vitro selection, Homocysteine, lipsomes, luminescent platinum complexes, Methylene blue, Norovirus/Norwalk Virus, RegRNA, Riboswitches, SELEX, serine, thiol-modification, thrombin aptamer, Layer by layer, pH sensing, pH switching, DNA nanotechnology, Silver nanoparticles, Environmental matrix, Soil, Toxicity,