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Journal Club is every third-ish Wednesday, in the Macomber Room, 48-216A, unless otherwise noted.

The e-mail list for the group is n.e.r.d._journal_club at mit dot edu, and there is no list owner - all members should be able to add or remove folks, go to

Disclaimer: PDF reprints are provided below within the context of fair use. Please obtain copies from the publisher if appropriate.

Next up:


Past nerds:

  • 4/3/07, 6:00pm

Yanmei Shi

pdf 1: Rawls et al 2006 Cell Reciprocal Gut Microbiota Transplants from Zebrafish and Mice to Germ-free Recipients Reveal Host Habitat Selection

  • 3/13/07, 6:30pm

Matt Sullivan

pdf 1: Angly et al 2006 PLoS Biology The Marine Viromes of Four Oceanic Regions

  • 2/20/07, 6:30pm

Dirk Gevers

pdf 1: Wirth et al 2006 Molecular Microbiology Sex and virulence in Escherichia coli : an evolutionary perspective

  • 1/17/07, 5:30pm

Rex Malmstrom

pdf 1: Vila-Costa et al 2006 Science Phytoplankton Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Uptake by Marine Phytoplankton

pdf 2: Howard et al 2006 Science Bacterial Taxa That Limit Sulfur Flux from the Ocean

  • 12/6/06, 5:30pm

Sarah Bagby

pdf: Whitaker 2006 Allopatric origins of microbial species

  • 11/15/06, 5:30pm

Dana Hunt and Maureen Coleman

pdf: Polz et al 2006 Patterns and mechanisms of genetic and phenotypic differentiation in marine microbes

  • 10/25/06, 5:30pm

Kostas Konstantinidis

link to Sogin et al 2006 PNAS Microbial diverstiy in the deep sea and the underexplored "rare biosphere"

  • 9/27/06, 5:30pm

Jake Waldbauer

pdf "Controls on tropical Pacific Ocean productivity revealed through nutrient stress diagnostics" , Behrenfeld et al, paper+ supp mat

  • 9/6/06, 6pm

gin, matt, kostas

a recap of the recent ISME mtg. in Vienna, Aug 20-25th, by those who attended

  • 8/2/06, 6pm

Jen Braff & others

a recap of last week's Gordon conf. on marine microbes, coordinated by Jen B.

  • 6/28/06, 6pm


pdf : Synechococcus N Assimilation

  • 6/07/06


pdf 1: Environmental Pyrosequencing pdf 2: Intro to Pyrosequencing

  • 3/29/06

Maureen Food: Jennifer Carr

pdf 1: Prochlorococcus Genomic Islands pdf 2: Prochloroccus Niche Partitioning pdf 3: Science's News of the Week: Prochlorococcus

  • 3/1/06

Jennifer Carr Food: Maureen

pdf 1: Antibiotic Resistome pdf 2: Science Perspective' pdf 3: Nature N&V



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