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Caveat emptor!

This page and protocols were developed by Virginia Rich, graduate student in the DeLong Lab, derived from protocols used in other labs. These derivations are noted within the protocols.

Please note, microarray protocols can be notoriously tricky. These protocols work for me, but moving between labs previously, etc., I have had to adapt them - sometimes your water source, local level of ozone, humidity, etc. etc. can have an impact on whether your array protocols work.

If you find errors, or can suggest improvements or clarifications, PLEASE email me, my contact info is in the header of each protocol. Others within the lab who develop their own variants of these protocols are encouraged to post them here too with their contact info.

Clicking on these links downloads the protocols, as pdfs.

Preparing Poly-L-lysine Slides

Designing our 70-mer Oligo Probes using ArrayOligoSelector, a program developed by DeRisi lab

Resuspending Oligos for Arraying

Printing Arrays with our Genetix QArray2 Arrayer

Post-processing Arrays

Target DNA Amplification and Labeling via the A/B/C Protocol

Array Hybridization

Extracting Data from Scanned Array Images using GenePix 6.1