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Hin gene: Part BBa_J31000

  • Used Hin 100-1

Primers for Hin gene with LVA degredation tag

  • Used HinLVA-2

Hin Cassettes

  • Recived DNA and Plates from the Mammoths

AraC cassette: Part BBa_S03591

Recombinational Enahancer: Part BBa_J3101

  • used RE-11

Hix- Part BBa_J44000[1]

  • Used Hix C-2

Resistance Genes

  • TetR Front - used TF10
  • TetR Back- used TB5
  • CmR Front - used CF4
  • CmR Back - used CB8
  • KanR Front - used KF7
  • KanR Back - still trying to clone

Parts from Registry

Construction Intermediates

One Pancake Constructs