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  • What is the distribution of the number of flips required, if each flip is random?
  • What designs might allow us to track flips made?
  • Can we model the distance of RE from pancake vs. time or number of flips
  • Can we model the kinetics of n flips?
  • Is it possible to simulate the impact of one-time flipping lox/hix sites?
  • Help us design the fewest number of constructs that will allow us to scale up the number of flips in our constructs (1, 2, 3, 4...n)
  • How can we count the number of Flips? (even vs. odd only?)
  • Can we use antibiotic resistence percentage (100% vs. 50%) to determine number of flips for a single pancake?
  • Can we create "dummy" pieces of DNA to measure rate and frequency of flipping?

This is a biology question. The math question would be: Can we measure the rate and frequency of flipping using "dummy" pieces of DNA?

  • Can we create a series of target sites (e.g. LLLLL --------- RRRRRR) such that any one of several flip sites can be chosen and if hixC is dead end, we could continue flipping?