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David Bryant Lowry

Section of Integrative Biology

1 University Station C0930

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX 78712

E-mail: davidbryantlowry@gmail.com

Phone: 908-723-3534

Website: http://openwetware.org/wiki/User:Lowry

Twitter: @DavidBLowry


2004 - 2010 Ph.D. Duke University.

Program in Genetics and Genomics

Advisor: John Willis

1997 - 2001 B.S. University of California, Berkeley.

Genetics and Plant Biology

High Honors - College of Natural Resources


Peer reviewed papers:

Lowry D. B., K. D. Behrman, P. Grabowski, G. P. Morris, J. R. Kiniry, T. E. Juenger. Local and climatic adaptations across the Panicum virgatum species complex. In review

Sexton J. P., M. B. Hufford, A. Bateman, D. B. Lowry, H. Meimberg, S. Y. Strauss, K. J. Rice. Mechanisms generating species range limits: Inference from patterns of gene flow and abundance across a species' range. In review

Lowry, D. B., C. T. Purmal, T. E. Juenger. A population genetic transect of Panicum hallii (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany In revision

Wright, K. M., D. Lloyd, D. B. Lowry, M. R. Macnair, J. H. Willis. Indirect evolution of hybrid lethality due to linkage with selected locus in Mimulus guttatus. provisionally accepted

Lowry, D. B. (2012) Ecotypes and the controversy over stages in the formation of new species. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 106: 241-257.

Lowry, D. B., C. S. Sheng, Z. Zhu, T. E. Juenger, B. Lahner, D. E. Salt, J. H. Willis. (2012) Mapping of ionomic traits in Mimulus guttatus reveals Mo and Cd QTLs that colocalize with MOT1 homologues. PLoS One 7: e30730.

Lowry D. B., C. S. Sheng, J. R. Lasky, J. H. Willis. (2012) Five anthocyanin polymorphisms are associated with a R2R3-MYB cluster in Mimulus guttatus. American Journal of Botany 99:82-91.

Lowry, D. B., C. T. Purmal, E. Meyer, T. E. Juenger. (2012) Microsatellite markers for the native Texas perennial grass, Panicum hallii (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany Primer Notes & Protocols 99: e114-e116.

Lowry, D. B., J. H. Willis. (2010) A widespread chromosomal inversion polymorphism contributes to a major life-history transition, local adaptation, and reproductive isolation. PLoS Biology 8: e1000500. (Faculty of 1000, Nature Genetics Research Highlight, ScienceNews Feature)

Lowry, D. B. (2010) Landscape evolutionary genomics. Biology Letters 6: 502-504.

Hall M. C., D. B. Lowry, J. H. Willis. (2010) Is local adaptation in Mimulus guttatus caused by trade-offs at individual loci? Molecular Ecology. 19: 2739-2753

Wu, C. A., D. B. Lowry, L. I. Nutter, J. H. Willis. (2010) Natural variation for drought response in the Mimulus guttatus species complex. Oecologia 162: 23-33.

Lowry, D. B., M. C. Hall, D. E. Salt, J. H. Willis. (2009) Genetic and physiological basis of adaptive salt tolerance divergence between coastal and inland Mimulus guttatus. New Phytologist 183: 776-788. (Special issue on plant adaptation)

Lowry, D. B., J. L. Modliszewski, K. M. Wright, C. A. Wu, J. H. Willis. (2008). The strength and genetic basis of reproductive isolating barriers in flowering plants. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 363: 3009-3021. (Cover photo)

Lowry, D. B., R. C. Rockwood, J. H. Willis. (2008). Ecological reproductive isolation of coast and inland races of Mimulus guttatus. Evolution 62: 2196-2214. (Cover photo)

Wu, C. A., D. B. Lowry, A. M. Cooley, K. M. Wright, Y. W. Lee, and J. H. Willis. (2008). Mimulus is an emerging model system for the integration of ecological and genomic studies. Heredity 100: 220-230.

Book chapters and commentaries: Lowry D. B. and R. Hopkins. (2013) “Speciation and Natural Selection.” In The Princeton Guide to Evolution, edited by Jonathan Losos. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. In press

Lowry D. B. (2012) Local adaptation in the model plant. New Phytologist. 194: 888- 890.

Editorials and Guest Blog Posts

2011 By the numbers: Is basic research worth it? (with Sheril R. Kirshenbaum) The Austin American-Statesman. September 1, 2011.

2010 Book Review: Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids—and What We Can Do About It. The Intersection. Discover Magazine Blogs. Post was excerpted for The Austin American- Statesman Insight & Books section on September 5, 2010.

2010 Unscientific California: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Serpentine and Biodiversity. The Intersection. Discover Magazine Blogs. Post was part of a campaign by a coalition of scientists that successfully defeated a bill (SB624) aimed at removing serpentine as the state rock of California.

Honors and Awards

2010 W. D. Hamilton Outstanding Presentation Award (Honorable Mention) International Evolution Society Conference. Portland, OR

2007 Best student talk, Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics

2006 NSF Graduate Student Fellowship (Honorable Mention)

2001 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, UC Berkeley

Grants and Fellowships

2013 Joint Genome Institute (DOE) Community Sequencing Program. “Resequencing diverse collections and mapping resources for Panicum hallii.” PI: Thomas Juenger. David Lowry listed as a Co-PI.

2011-2013 USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture AFRI Postdoctoral Fellowship. $130,000

2010 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Bioinformatics Course Scholarship. $1000

2007-2010 NSF Environmental Genomics Grant (EF-0723814): “Ecological genomics of drought adaptation in Mimulus.” Conceived and conducted research that formed the proposal, and co-wrote grant. PhD advisor John Willis listed as PI. $866,802

2007-2009 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DEB-0710094). $11,943

2005 Duke University International Travel Grant. $2500

2004-2006 NIH Graduate Student Fellowship in Genetics at Duke University

2000 Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellowship. $4000

2000 Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid. $900

1999 NSF Research experience for undergraduates


Invited talks:

2012 California State University, Monterey Bay. Division of Science and Environmental Policy. Seaside, CA.

2012 “Natural Selection in the Wild: From Genotype to Phenotype” American Society of Naturalists Vice-Presidential Symposium. International Evolution Society Conference. Ottawa, Canada.

2012 University of California, Davis. Department of Viticulture and Enology. Davis, CA.

2011 Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics Gordon Research Conference. University of New England, Biddeford, ME

2011 University of Toronto. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2011 University of Arizona. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Tucson, AZ

2011 California State University, Chico. Biology weekly seminar. Chico, CA

2009 “The Origin of Species 150 years after Darwin” symposium, Japanese Society for Evolutionary Studies. Sapporo, Japan

2009 University of Virginia EEBio Seminar. Charlottesville, VA

2009 University of California, Berkeley Ecolunch Seminar. Berkeley, CA

2009 University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA

2007 Ecological Genomics Symposium. Kansas City, MO

Contributed talks and posters:

2012 USDA NIFA Fellows Meeting. Washington, D.C.

2012 Plant and Animal Genomes Conference. San Diego, CA

2011 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting. San Antonio, TX

2010 International Evolution Society Conference. Portland, OR

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes Conference. San Diego, CA

2009 Ecological & Evolutionary Functional Genomics. Gordon Conference. Tilton, NH

2008 International Evolution Society Conference. Minneapolis, MN

2007 Joint Conference of Botany and Plant Biology. Chicago, IL

2007 Mimulus community meeting. Durham, NC

2007 Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics Retreat. Nags Head, NC

2006 Genetics of Speciation Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada

2006 International Evolution Society Conference. Stony Brook, NY

Professional Experience

2010-2012 Postdoctoral Fellow. Landscape evolutionary genomics in switchgrass. University of Texas at Austin PI:Thomas Juenger

2004-2010 Graduate Student. Adaptation and speciation in monkeyflower. Duke University PI:John Willis

2004 Field Assistant. Predator exclusion effects on food web ecology. University of Montana, Missoula PI:John Maron

2004 Field Assistant. Tropical fish and stream ecosystem ecology in Venezuela. Cornell University PI:Alex Flecker

2003 Postgraduate Researcher. Invasive salt marsh plant population genetics. University of California, Davis PI:Donald Strong

2002-2003 Field Assistant. Landscape ecology and pollinator service of native bees. Princeton/UC Davis PI:Claire Kremen/Neal Williams

2002 Postgraduate Researcher. Plant nitrogen fixation and herbivore ecology. University of California, Davis PI:Chris van Kessel/Thomas Juenger

1998-2001 Laboratory and Field Assistant. Plant evolutionary ecology. UC Berkeley/Bodega Marine Reserve PI: Ellen Simms/John Maron

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Undergraduate Teaching:

2011-2012 Biology of Biofuels (Genetics Section) University of Texas at Austin

Teaching Assistantships:

2007 AIDS and Emerging Diseases in Africa Duke University Instructor: Sherryl Broverman

2006, 2008 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Duke University Instructor: Kathleen Smith

1999-2000 Biology 1B Field Ecology Section UC Berkeley Instructor: Mike Moser

Invited Guest Lectures/Discussion:

2011 Evolutionary Genetics University of Colorado, Boulder Instructor: Patrik Nosil

2010 Graduate Ecology and Evolution North Carolina State University Instructor: Marc Johnson

2007 Education Outreach Presentations Northwest High School, Lenexa, KS

Mentoring Programs:

2009 Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer undergraduate mentorship

2008 Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer precollege mentorship

2007 Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) for minority undergraduates

Students Mentored:

2012 Jacob Heiling, The University of Texas at Austin

2011 Tiffany Liu, The University of Texas at Austin

2011 Ashley Asmus, The University of Texas at Austin

2011 Daniel Dillon, The University of Texas at Austin

2010-2011 Colin Purmal, The University of Texas at Austin

2009-2010 Por Tangwancharoen, Duke University

2008-2009 Zhirui Zhu, Duke University

2007-2010 Calvin Sheng, Duke University

2007-2009 Laura Nutter, Duke University

2008 Nettie McMiller, Jordan High School, Durham, NC

2007 Mike Yan, Duke University

2007 Porsha Andrews, Winston Salem University

Service and Outreach

2012 Proposal Reviewer: NSF DEB

2011 Proposal Reviewer: Texas Natural Science Center's "Evolution in Action" museum exhibit (NSF-BEACON)

2010-2012 Web Host: Texas Switchgrass Collaborative Wiki page

2010 Symposia Co-Organizer: “The Population Genetics of Development” European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology Conference

2010 Guest Blogger: Discover Magazine: The Intersection

2008 Collaborator: Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology, a program for introducing middle school students to science in Durham, NC

2007-2008 Czar: Duke Population Biology Seminar Series

2006-2010 Web Host: Mimulus Community Wiki page

2005-2009 Education Collaborator: Provided plant material for Bio. 26 at Duke

2005-2009 Organizer: Mimulus seed collection center

2005-2006 Chairperson: Duke Biology Department Steering Committee

2005-2006 Organizer: Duke Graduate Student Symposium

2004-2005 Representative: Duke Graduate and Professional Student Council


Evolution (11), Molecular Ecology (9), New Phytologist (8), Genetics (2), American Journal of Botany (1), The American Naturalist (1), Heredity (1), Current Opinion in Plant Biology (1), International Journal of Ecology (1), Journal of Evolutionary Biology (1), Functional Plant Biology (1), PLoS Biology (1), PLoS Genetics (1), PLoS One (1), Proceedings of the Royal Society B (1), and Trends in Ecology and Evolution (1)

Society Membership

The Linnean Society of London

Society for the Study of Evolution

Botanical Society of America

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society of Agronomy

Crop Science Society of America

Soil Science Society of America

International Experience

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Guatemala, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Laos, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Peru, Venezuela


Dr. Thomas Juenger

Postdoctoral Advisor

Section of Integrative Biology

The University of Texas at Austin

1 University Station C0930

Austin, TX 78712

Phone: 512-232-5751

E-mail: tjuenger@austin.utexas.edu

Dr. John Willis

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor

Department of Biology

Duke University

Box 90338

Durham, NC 27708

Phone: 919-660-7340

E-mail: jwillis@duke.edu

Dr. Mohamed Noor

Department of Biology

Duke University

Box 90338

Durham, NC 27708

Phone: 919-613-8193

E-mail: noor@duke.edu

Dr. Christine Hawkes

Section of Integrative Biology

The University of Texas at Austin

1 University Station C0930

Austin, TX 78712

Phone: 512-471-6049

E-mail: chawkes@mail.utexas.edu

Dr. Mark Rausher

Department of Biology

Box 90338

Duke University

Durham, NC 27708

Phone: 919-684-2295

E-mail: mrausher@duke.edu

Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick

Section of Integrative Biology

The University of Texas at Austin

1 University Station C0930

Phone: 512-471-5996

E-mail: kirkp@mail.utexas.edu