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valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: ok...we use dc for the article metadata, but not for our custom fields

 the dc fields will be populated by isi extraction
 per the attachment i sent out right after our earlier chat

valerie.janae.enriquez: ah, ok

  I just saw that

me: yeah, so we don't have to worry about that tedious extraction valerie.janae.enriquez: (I kept forgetting that I could export the list instead of copy/pasting... which took forever) me: just keep a doi in case valerie.janae.enriquez: good me: but everything else comes from the export

 in terms of our classification fields
 i think we need to make sure we're on the same page in terms of coding and fields used

valerie.janae.enriquez: definitely me: did you see how i changed the "valerie_previous name of field" row

 did that make sense

valerie.janae.enriquez: yes me: so some of these we were both already collecting

 do the ones you weren't collecting make sense?
 do you think they are all needed?

valerie.janae.enriquez: which ones? me: so, like "location of intext citation" valerie.janae.enriquez: oh, like abstract and keyword?


me: all the purple ones under data reuse

 i did the example w/ treebase since your fields were like that

valerie.janae.enriquez: oh, I see that now me: but they could just as easily be for pangea or whatever valerie.janae.enriquez: yeah me: i always have multiple for mine, so i copy that section for each depository valerie.janae.enriquez: ok, so should I still have separate spreadsheet pages for each repository or keep everything together with separate column headings (a group for Treebase, a group for Pangaea, etc.)? me: yeah or all together...i tried it both ways, see "example_all" vs. "example divided" valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: i like in sepearate tables better valerie.janae.enriquez: I was just worried that it could get messy after awhile me: and i just keep the doi in each separate table valerie.janae.enriquez: ok

  should I collect doi for both articles and the dataset (if applicable, since TreeBASE doesn't use doi)

me: no

 i mean yes
 but in the notes section

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: or the full text excerpt

 that's probably better

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: see the "how cited intext" field? valerie.janae.enriquez: yes me: you can indicate if it was cited by the paper (author), the accession/handling #, etc

 those are the codes i established (au, ac, etc)

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: same goes for "bibliographic citation"

 if it has the paper (1) only or the accession as well (3)

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: do those codes make sense (row 7, indicated for each field) valerie.janae.enriquez: yes

  this way I don't have to do four separate columns

me: yeah exactly

 and then it's coded for analysis
 but, there is also a corresponding excerpt field to save the relevant sentence
 in case you need to recode or if it's a weird one you need help on

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok, that makes sense me: so always save any and all text that seems relevant...maybe with a sentence extra at the beginning and end just in case/for context

 i like to extract the excerpts for an article and then code it quickly after
 but in theory, i could go back to the excerpt three weeks later and code it
 so, keep what info will help you go back/retrace your steps

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok, I hope by the time we actually run through the data, I'll have fulltext

  ok, definitely

me: oh that's right. i forgot you don't have full text

 do you have full text for some

valerie.janae.enriquez: I had only extracted the one sentence, but it probably would be better with a sentence before and after

  I have fulltext access if I'm actually in the library for some resources.

me: i.e. to do a practice run in this set up? valerie.janae.enriquez: sure

  (so I make sure this is right before I make the new spreadsheet)

me: ok. I'm trying it out today as well with a couple different journals to make sure i'm not missing anything (codes or fields)

 um, yeah. i think it's up to date for now
 we can change things in this Shared one over the next little while
 but hopefully they won't be major overhaul changes

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: that depends on how our "beta" testing goes today

 do you want to give it a try and then we can chat in this ss tomorrow?

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok, I'll just copy the headings from this and make a new sheet me: or...better yet..

 go to file, make a copy
 then it's exactly the same with coloring and everything

valerie.janae.enriquez: ok me: are you operating off gdoc or your desktop? valerie.janae.enriquez: so would I run my example search and then copy/paste the results into this new one on all of the pages or just the example_all page? me: whichever you prefer

 i operate off my desktop b/c in that version, the hyperlinks actually work for moving between sheets
 which makes it easy to navigate
 but since you're just doing it for one depository at a time, that makes it easier

valerie.janae.enriquez: ?

  ok, I think I'll just see what I can do with this. talk to you tomorrow

me: so, i copy those purple data reuse fields (the ones with light green above them) for each depository

 just gchat/email me when you want to hash things out tomorrow
 and feel free to do the same today if you run into any hangups