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Systems Immunology
We seek a systems level understanding of immune responses in metazoans using a combination of mechanistic and data driven in silico modeling with experiments.

  1. Jayajit Das, Activation or Tolerance of Natural Killer Cells is Modulated by Ligand Quality in a Non-Monotonic Manner, Biophysical Journal (2010) [PubMed].
  2. Sayak Mukherjee et al., Monovalent and Multivalent Ligation of the B Cell Receptor Exhibit Differential Dependence upon Syk and Src Family Kinases, Science Signaling (2013) [PubMed].

Mechanistic Data Driven Models
Can we decipher mechanisms from data driven models of cell signaling?

  1. Michael Dworkin et al., Dramatic reduction of dimensionality in large biochemical networks owing to strong pair correlations, Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2012) [PubMed].

Stochastic Processes in Cell Signaling Networks
We aim to uncover basic principles that underlie stochastic noise fluctuations in cell signaling by analyzing minimal models.

  1. Jayajit Das, Positive feedback produces broad distributions in maximum activation attained within a narrow time window in stochastic biochemical reactions, Journal of Chemical Physics (2013) [PubMed].