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Selected Publications
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Monovalent and Multivalent Ligation of the B Cell Receptor Exhibit Differential Dependence upon Syk and Src Family Kinases
Science Signaling (2013) [PubMed]
Sayak Mukherjee, J. Zhu, Julie Zikherman, Ramya Parameswaran, Theresa A. Kadlecek, Qi Wang, Byron Au-Yeung, Hidde Ploegh, John Kuriyan, Jayajit Das*, Arthur Weiss*

Positive feedback produces broad distributions in maximum activation attained within a narrow time window in stochastic biochemical reactions
Journal of Chemical Physics (2013) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das

Dramatic reduction of dimensionality in large biochemical networks owing to strong pair correlations
Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2012) [PubMed]
Michael Dworkin, Sayak Mukherjee, Ciriyam Jayaprakash and Jayajit Das

Decreased DAG Metabolism Enhances Erk Activation and Augments CD8+ T cell Function Responses
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) [PubMed]
Matthew J. Riese, Jashanpreet Grewal, Jayajit Das, Vineet Patil, Arup K. Chakraborty, and Gary Koretzky.

Activation or Tolerance of Natural Killer Cells is Modulated by Ligand Quality in a Non-Monotonic Manner
Biophysical Journal (2010) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das

Pairing computation with experiments: a powerful coupling for understanding T cell signaling
Nature Reviews Immunology (2010)[PubMed]
Arup Chakraborty and Jayajit Das

Self-Assembly of Dendronized Polymers
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2009) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das, Jean M Frechet, and Arup Chakraborty

Positive feedback regulation results in spatial clustering and fast spreading of active signaling molecules on a cell membrane
Journal of Chemical Physics (2009) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das, Mehran Kardar, and Arup Chakraborty

Molecular origin and functional consequences of digital signaling and hysteresis during Ras activation in lymphocytes
Science Signaling (2009) [PubMed]
Arup Chakraborty, Jayajit Das, Julie Zikherman, Ming Yang, Christopher Govern, Mary Ho, Arthur Weiss, and Jeroen Roose

Digital signaling and hysteresis characterize ras activation in lymphoid cells
Cell (2009) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das, Mary Ho, Julie Zikherman, Christopher Govern, Ming Yang, Arthur Weiss, Arup Chakraborty, and Jeroen Roose

Origin of the sharp boundary that discriminates positive and negative selection of thymocytes
PNAS (2009) [PubMed]
Ashok Prasad A. Julie Zikherman J, Jayajit Das, Jeroen Roose, Arthur Weiss, and Arup Chakraborty.

The balance between T cell receptor signaling and degradation at the center of the immunological synapse is determined by antigen quality
Immunity (2008) [PubMed]
S. Cemerski, Jayajit Das, Emanuele Giurisato, Mary A. Markiewicz, Paul M. Allen, Arup K. Chakraborty and Andrey S. Shaw
This paper is in the Editors Choice of Science Signaling (Issue 23rd September 2008.) Also see a preview of this paper by S. Valitutti in the same issue of Immunity.

Purely stochastic binary decision in cell signaling models without underlying deterministic bistabilities
PNAS (2007) [PubMed]
Maxim Artyomov, Jayajit Das, Mehran Kardar and Arup K. Chakraborty.

Sensitivity of T cells to antigen and antagonism emerges from differential regulation of the same molecular signaling module
PNAS (2007) [PubMed]
Dennis Wylie, Jayajit Das and Arup K. Chakraborty. This paper is selected in the faculty of 1000 Biology papers.

The stimulatory potency of T cell antigens is influenced by the formation of the immunological synapse
Immunity (2007) [PubMed]
S. Cemerski*, Jayajit Das*, Jason Locasale, Pheobe Arnold, Emanuele Giurisato, Mary A. Markiewicz, Daved Fremont, Paul M. Allen, Arup K. Chakraborty and Andrey S. Shaw. *These authors have equal contribution

A dendronized polymer is a single-molecule glass
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2005) [PubMed]
Jayajit Das, Jean M. J. Frechet, and Arup K. Chakraborty