Dahlquist:Notebook/Microarray Data Analysis/2008/11/04

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Today's Workflow

  • dCIN5-only results appear inconsistent when data was merged with all results. To determine the cause of this:
    • dCIN5-only gene index was checked against the wt-vs-dCIN5 index. The IDs align for all genes.
    • Re-ran dCIN5-only in EDGE ensuring genelist was correct. All parameters, including missing statistics, were shown to be the same as the run on 10/21/2008. Results were checked and results were the same as when run on 10/21/2008.
    • Another potential problem could be that the IDs for dCIN5 do not align with the correct gene expression values. This would have to be checked on the master sheet that assigned IDs to all of the genes, and I do not have this file.