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Students who wish to request a letter of recommendation from Dr. Dahlquist should follow these guidelines:

  1. Make your letter of recommendation request in person during office hours or by appointment.
  2. Make your request at least one month in advance. You do not need to be completely ready with the list of schools/programs at this time, but you should ask as far in advance as is practical.
  3. At least two weeks in advance of the first deadline, provide Dr. Dahlquist with the following list of information. For each school/program that to which you are applying, provide the following:
    • The exact name of the school and/or program to which you are applying.
    • The address of the school/program (even if the letter is electronic, I still need this information to properly address the letter).
    • The deadline.
    • Whether the letter needs to be sent in hard copy via snail mail, hard copy given to you, electronic copy sent via e-mail, electronic copy sent via an automated online system.
    • One or two sentences describing why you are applying to this particular school/program.
    • A copy of your resume/CV and/or personal statement (a draft is OK).
  4. Please be advised that it is not sufficient to just give me a list of web sites. You can provide the web site URL as part of the above list, but unfortunately, I do not have time to search web sites for the information that I need above. As the letter requestor, it is your responsibility to provide me with a complete set of information.
  5. Please be advised that even if I will be sent an e-mail asking for a letter from an online submission system, I still need all of the information listed above. Often the online submission systems do not tell me the name of the program to which you are applying or the deadline. You need to provide me with that information.
  6. Please let me know what happens! Please let me know where you got in and where you plan to go. Please do not feel that you need to give me a present, but an thank you note would be nice!