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DSpace is a digital repository operated by the MIT library.

Here are some notes and discussions from when we started up DSpace.

Document submission

In order to submit documents to DSpace:

1) Go to https://dspace.mit.edu/index.jsp

2) From the menu on the left side, choose the My DSpace option (for authorized users), which is the second option listed under the sign on to section. An MIT certificate serves as your authorization.

3) The next screen should show your name (taken from your certificate). And there is box you can select to start a new submission. Follow the prompts from this point.


Note that Margret Branschofsky is no longer at MIT. (She was the person who helped us start the Synthetic Biology DSpace community). From Margret, "If you need assistance with DSpace, or have questions, please send email to dspace-help AT mit DOT edu. In an emergency please contact Steve Gass at sgass AT mit DOT edu. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you much success with DSpace."

It looks like dspace-help is routed through the MIT libraries help ticketing system. So there is ongoing support for DSpace.

In response to my problem with inadvertently creating two entries for my submission to the Synthetic Biology Community collection, Nina Davis-Millis Systems and Technology Services, MIT Libraries responded that it looks like a bug in DSpace and they will try to address it. They will be removing the duplicate entry. -- RS