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DNAmazing101: All you need to know about DNAmazing

Recently, DNA Origami has emerged as one of the most excellent tools for chemists and engineers to design nanometer-scale objects of complicated shapes and with wide applications. As the determination of the staple sequences is very tedious, there have been several computer programs dedicated to assist the users in designing 2D and 3D structures. However, recognizing the needs of some additional features in 2D DNA nanostructure designs, we decide to develop a program from scratch which is capable of automatically generating the raster fill pattern, allowing the design of sticky ends which can act as molecular contact points between origami structures and external connection sites. Such applications can be found in DNA motors using DNA Origami as platforms. In addition, the program is able to estimate ΔHo, ΔSo, ΔGo, and Tm of sticky ends by using the Nearest-Neighbor method. Knowing those thermodynamic values will promise the control over the duplex formation/deformation of the sticky ends.