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Hi DIYBioers,

Here's the plan for our second meetup on June 12, 2008 (also listed on Upcoming):


7:00 - 8:00 DNA Extraction in the Kitchen

  • Read the protocol (see DIYbio google group): File:MAKE07-Kitchen Counter DNA Lab.pdf
  • The only thing you'll need is to bring your favorite organic material (tuna, banana, cow heart... but keep it safe, please)

8:00 - 9:00 - DIYbio Hackathon

  • list and tag all DIYbio protocols and resources known to the interwebs
  • Bring your laptops
  • add them to consensus tag "DIYbio" + "protocol", "equipment", "tools" etc.
  • feel free to get started early
  • p.s. bryan bishop: we want to produce a high-quality, highly-granular collection of links, not a gigantic disorganized grab-bag

I'll get some pizza for us all (we'll eat while discussing the DNA extraction), so please RSVP so I can get a good headcount.

See you all thursday! Mac