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  • 358/461
  • double stranded nucleic acid dye, associates with the minor groove of dsDNA, preferentially binds AT clusters
  • stains both live and dead cells
  • can be excited with a mercury-arc lamp or with the UV lines of the argon-ion laser
  • better photostability than Hoechst dyes
  • blue-fluorescent

Safety information:

English: Diamidino-4', 6-phenylindole-2 or DAPI is not classed as a dangerous substance in Europe according to European directive 67/548. However, for biomedical use it is considered to be an irritant (label Xi R36/37/38). Nitrile gloves of 0.11mm thickness ensures protection. Because of its intercalating nature it is disposed of with dangerous substances aside from carcinogens.

(Wear gloves and consider disposal in the same way you dispose of ethidium bromide).

French: Le dichlorhydrate de Diamidino-4',6-phénylindole-2 ou DAPI n'est pas classé comme substance dangereuse en Europe au sens de la Directive 67/548. A l'Inserm, nous le classons irritant (Xi R36/37/38). Le port de gants en caoutchouc nitrile de 0.11 mm assure un temps de traversée > 480 min. En raison de son caractère intercalant on peut le faire éliminer avec les produits dangereux (non cancérogènes)