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file dir

 to avoid the ugly extension eg "mv media.4.5.6 bach"  etc.  Use mv to rename folders, use mv .. e.g mv up a dir, mv ..

[veejay@neo ~]# tar -zxvf mediawiki-1.5.2.tar.gz
[root@neo ~]# mkdir /opt/mediawiki
[root@neo ~]# cp -rf /home/veejay/mediawiki/* /opt/mediawiki

put into a temp dir, then cp all

cp -rf mediawiki-1.5.7 ../tatarlab/

to make short names

Edit .htaccess or httpd.conf from here

1) A. Add the following to your .htaccess in your document root directory:

      Options FollowSymLinks
      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
      RewriteRule ^(.+)$ /index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA]

2) Then edit LocalSettings.php

In your LocalSettings.php edit $wgArticlePath as follows:

$wgArticlePath      = "$wgScriptPath/$1";



All customisation entries go into the LocalSettings.php file in the wiki root (/var/www/html/wiki). Add the entries to the end of the file or make changes wherever necessary.

Create a folder in the webserver document root and place your logo image there. Set $sgLogo in LocalSettings.php to the path of your logo image. 125x125 pixels is the ideal size for the image

$wgLogo = "/image/logo.png";


$wgLogo = "$wgScriptPath/images/durian_small.png";

Creating a second wiki instance

To create a second wiki on the same webserver, simply create a new directory (say wiki2) in the document root. lndir the /opt/mediawiki to the new directory, assign the appropriate permissions to directories and visit the wiki (http://localhost/wiki2) for configuration. Make sure that the database name, user(?) and table prefix are different for this wiki.


tar -xvzf mediawiki-1.5.7.tar.gz
Undo an untar in the wrong place
tar tfz filename.tar.gz | xargs rm

make a link ln -s ~/sites/ ~/sites/

insecure but easy way chmod o+w config click install make sure to undo this, chmod go-rwx config

only registered users can edit:

   * By adding the following line to LocalSettings.php, it is possible to entirely disable anonymous edits:

cp AdminSettings.sample AdminSettings.php and change uname and pword

 # Permission keys given to users in each group.
 # All users are implicitly in the '*' group including anonymous visitors;
 # logged-in users are all implicitly in the 'user' group. These will be
 # combined with the permissions of all groups that a given user is listed
 # in in the user_groups table.
 # This replaces wgWhitelistAccount and wgWhitelistEdit
 # The following line should be commented, otherwise these settings will
 # throw away the settings on 
 # DefaultSettings.php (you probably don't want this).
 # With this line commented you will only overwrite the settings you explicitly
 # define here (that's what you probably want).
 #$wgGroupPermissions = array();
 In LocalSettings.php add:
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['createaccount']   = false;
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['read']            = true;
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['edit']            = false;
 # add these bits so you can log in still, so you can see the main page
 $wgWhitelistRead = array( "Main Page", "Special:Userlogin" );
 $wgGroupPermissions['*'    ]['read']            = false;

file management

lndir not installed ln -s ~/mediawiki/ ~/sites/

file upload

Don't need to edit /etc/php.ini just add these lines to LocalSettings.php

  1. added to upload files
Since you won't be able to use chown to change ownership to another
user/group (you're not root), use chmod instead to give the correct
access to "others":
 chmod o+w /path/to/images/   (e.g /home/sites/
If it needs read access too then
 chmod o+wr /path/to/images/

with virtual hosting I can't change apache's group, so I have to give write perm to al as above. not the best solution but ok for now. find where the following lines are:

$wgEnableUploads                = true;
$wgMimeDetectorCommand= "file -bi"; #use external mime detector
$wgFileExtensions = array('png','jpg','jpeg','pdf','tgz','tar.gz');

sidebar edit

enter "MediaWiki:Sidebar" into the search box, need sysop rights.