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Lab Duty List 2011

Duty 1: (Ann)

           CBS manager

Duty 2: (Niki)


Duty 3: (Tony)

           Radioactivity/Liquid Nitrogen

Duty 4: (Roberto)


Duty 5: (Francesco)

           Put clean glassware in cupboard

Duty 6: (Silke)

           Making sure that we don't run out of the most common things for everyone:
           Eppendorfs, Tips, Tissue Paper and Gloves, Falcon Tubes, PCR strips

Duty 7: (Miriam)

           Insectory Manager

Duty 8: (Lorenzo)

           Health & Safety COSH / phenol waste & cell culture room

Duty 9: (Daniel)

           Kits & cell culture hood

Duty 10: (Giorgio)

           Broken equipment/Annoying reps