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Carla Siniscalchi (Carulì)

Contact Info

Carla Siniscalchi (an artistic interpretation)

PhD Student

Department of Cell & Molecular Biology

Sir Alexander Flemming Building

South Kensington Campus

London, SW7 2AZ


  • 2009, MS, University of Naples "Federico II"
  • 2007, BS, University of Naples "Federico II"
  • PhD: Imperial College London - University of Perugia

Research interests

  1. Applying state of the art molecular biology to vector control with the aim of reducing malaria transmission
  2. Synthetic Biology
  3. Biotechnology in animal reproduction


  • Mariotti E, Di Francesco S, De Blasi M, Siniscalchi C, Suarez MV, Campanile G, Gasparrini B Fertilizing capacity of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) sperm co-cultured with oviduct epithelial cells REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT 22(1):299-299 01 Jan 2010
  • Siniscalchi C, Mariotti E, Boccia L, Albero G, Di Francesco S, Suarez MV, Di Palo R, Gasparrini B Co-culture with oviduct epithelial cells promotes capacitation of buffalo (bubalus Bubalis) sperm REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT 22(1):316-317 01 Jan 2010