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On FRIDAY 28 APRIL 2006, the FlyMine Team from the University of Cambridge gave a presentation about FlyMine (more details below) at Imperial College London, South Kensington campus.

  • 3 pm: 20 minute talk followed by 25 minute demonstration with time for answering questions afterwards (Room 119, SAF building).
  • 4 pm: 1 hour computer workshop (Room G28, SAF building).

The aim of the visit is to demonstrate how FlyMine can retrieve information which is difficult or time consuming to get from other resources, by introducing the key features of querying and navigating through FlyMine. The workshop will provide hands-on practice.

The workshop is limited to a maximum number of 15 participants who already have Imperial College login accounts. Please sign-up by writing an email to Bob MacCallum with the phrase "FlyMine workshop" in the subject heading.

If you have any further questions, please contact Bob MacCallum

ABOUT FLYMINE FlyMine is an open source project developed in the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge to build an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein data for Drosophila, Anopheles and other organisms. Such data sources are available in a wide variety of formats in numerous different places, making joint analysis of these data hard. As an integrated resource, FlyMine makes it possible to run data mining queries that span these domains of biological knowledge.

Data currently in FlyMine include genome annotation, microarray data, protein interaction data, protein domains/families, predicted 3D protein domain structures, transcription factor binding sites, GO annotations and RNAi data. The inclusion of orthologues makes it possible to run queries across organisms. For a full list of data sources see

FlyMine is web-based, thus providing easy access with no need to install any software. The interface provides facilities for browsing, quick-access template queries and a query builder which allows users to construct their own arbitrary queries.

For more information about FlyMine take a look at the Flymine website

FlyMine is funded by The Wellcome Trust.

Poster for publicity within Imperial

PDF available here: File:Flymine-poster.pdf

Interested from Crisanti Lab:

Dottorini, Tania
Magnusson, Kalle
Papathanos Philippos-Aris(Workshop)
Windbichler, Nikolai
Gray, Julian
Liccardi, Gianmaria

Interested from Kafatos/Christophides Lab:

Meister, Stephan (Seminar)
Bob MacCallum
Seth Redmond
Kristin Michel (Workshop)
George Christophides
Anastasios Koutsos(don't know)

Other interested:

Hilary Ranson
Stephanie Jaubert