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All of our research can be viewed at


EZ-Viz was developed as an assistance tool for the difficult to understand user interface of PyMOL. The standard interface is very complex takes a long time to learn, especially for students unfamiliar with the chemistry and busy researchers with little time to learn the commands necessary to use the PyMOL software to its full extent. EZ-Viz allows for users to navigate through PyMOL using a series of clickable buttons and tabs to complete all functions of the PyMol software without ever having to type a single command.


ProMOL was developed as a program that searches for catalytic binding sites by using the advanced selection algebra from Warren DeLano's PyMOL software. ProMOL is capable of accurately recognizing catalytic sites nearly every time with few erroneous results that are easily distinguishable.


The Structural Biology Extensible Visualization Scripting Language (SBEVSL) is a common scripting language being created to be able to use a single set of commands in all molecular visualiation software. Many molecular visualization programs exist, each with their own benefits and each with its own list of commands. The goal of the SBEVSL project is to create one list of commands that will allow molecular visualization software users to switch between programs, earning the benefits from the advantages of each, without having to learn a new list of commands with each new program.