Cox:SLS clean

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Remove laser window by twisting black housing
Cap opening with red cover
Use small allen wrenches to remove the ring securing the orange window
Wearing clean latex gloves, tap out the window, noting which side was exposed to the build chamber
Handle the window very carefully, never touch with bare or powdery hands
Clean the side of the window exposed to the build by applying a bead of ethanol to the surface
Use a Kimwipe as shown to wipe the window in a single linear motion, rotating the kimwipe and you progress. Repeat this process again, only do it up to down rather than left to right
Unscrew the two bolts holding the roller to the arm
Remove the roller
Clean the entire surface of the roller using ethanol and Kimwipes
Apply WD-40 directly to a cloth rag
Wipe down all metal areas in the build chamber to remove the buildup of outgassed materials
Take two swabs, apply ethanol to one and clean the 3 IR sensor lenses. Then take the second swab to dry the lenses
If any powder remains away from the 3 pistons, vacuum it up.
Pull out the heater box and replace the heat shields
Manually flip up the blackbody reference