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The Aagrogya Setu app has serious issues with privacy and safety. It is unethical to add to the mix. Not to mention the peeping tom who could use it for ulterior motives. With no data protection and no privacy guarantees, this app is a recipe for disaster rather than disaster management. And it is unconstitutional too, in my opinion. Read this article by colleagues from IIT.

A powerful critique of the Aarogya Setu app. Read it here
(Banerjee, Raman and Sharma, 2020)

"A fetish for technological fixes for everything may actually come in the way of looking for simpler solutions. It may also preclude developing a comprehensive understanding of the complex problem involving dimensions in biology,modelling and data analysis, epidemiology, sociology, economics, politics, and, above all, human compassion."
[Sharing it out of public interest and informed choice.]

Science funding
"We must learn our lessons and commit to investing in research and development. Confronted with the pandemic, governments are turning to the scientific community. Suddenly, they’re pledging money to research teams racing to develop a vaccine. These pledges must not be forgotten once the crisis is over. Scientific communities are not born overnight; they must be developed over time, and funding must be secure."
Read about these and other funding issues in public policy here.

AIIMS New Delhi webinar on Covid-19 here.

Welcome to the Covid-19 online classes!

In the next few weeks, we are monitoring the Covid-19 crisis, as it unfolds..
Find NDMA Covid-19 India Tracker here.
Find MOHFW Covid-19 India Tracker here.
Find unofficial but frequently updated Covid-19 India Tracker here.
Find the Covid-19 World Microsoft Tracker here.
Find the Covid-19 World WHO Dashboard here.
Find the JHU coronavirus academic resource here
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