Counter-selectable markers

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gene(selection condition)

  1. lacY (t-o-nitrophenyl-B-D-galactopyranoside)
  2. thyA (trimethoprim)
  3. pheS (p-chlorophenylalanine) see PMID 8125286
    • Relaxed substrate specificity mutant of phenylalanine tRNA transferase that will incorporate p-chlorophenylalanine into proteins, killing the cell
  4. ?(phage)
    • probably >1 gene can confer resistance?
    • previous work (Novick/Szilard) has mapped mutation rates confering T1 resistance in chemostats.
  5. pyrF (5FoA)
    • Jeff has ordered synthesized/BB'd
    • in pyrF- strains can be selected on medium w/o Uracil, so can be selected and coutner-selected.
  6. sacB
  7. tet? - see
  8. UPRT
  9. others???