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DNA Sequencing of miniprep DNA plasmid product at the University of Minnesota BioMedical Genomics Center.


  • 5 μL miniprep plasmid DNA product
  • 4 μL H2O
  • 3 μL 2μM sequencing primer


  1. Combine components into a 1.5 mL tube. Label tubes XYZ1, XYZ2, ..., where XYZ are your initials.
  2. Fill out and print the DNA sequencing form for individual tubes. Order details - Template: plasmid, Template mass: 500 ng, Template length: <length of plasmid>, Sequencing option: Sanger classic, Hardcopies: no hardcopies.
  3. Place the sample tubes and form into a plastic bag.
  4. Deposit at a BMGC sequencing drop off site.


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