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Cheng Zhang

Portrait Cheng Zhang.JPG

Assistant Professor

Information Science, Computer Science (Field Member)

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Ph.D. Students

HyunChul Lim

Portrait HyunChul.JPG

Ph.D Student (Fall 2019 - Present)

Information Science

RuiDong Zhang

Portrait Ruidong Zhang.JPG

Ph.D Student (Fall 2020 - present)

Information Science

Ke Li

Portrait Ke Li.jpg

Ph.D Student (Spring 2021 - present)

Information Science

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Master's Students

Nianyi Wang

Portrait Nianyi Wang.JPG

M.S. Student

Computer Science

Songyun Tao

Portrait Songyun Tao.JPG

M.P.S. Student

Information Science

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Benjamin Steeper

Portrait Benjamin Steeper.JPG

M.S. Student (Jan 2019 - Present)

Computer Science

Undergraduate Students

Kinan Alsheikh

Portrait Kinan Alsheikh.JPG

Computer Science

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Lucy Wang

Portrait Lucy Wang.JPG

Computer Science

Andrew Xu

Portrait Andrew Xu.JPG

Computer Science

Clara Song

Portrait Clara Song.JPG

Computer Science

Matthew Dressa

Portrait Matthew Dressa.JPG

Information Science

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David Lin

Portrait David Lin.JPG

Computer Science

Samhita Pendyal

Portrait Samhita Pendyal.JPG

Biometry and Statistics

Jessica Tweneboah

Portrait Jessica Tweneboah.JPG

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Tianlin Zhao

Portrait Tianlin Zhao.jpg

Computer Science and Economics

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Chris Oh

Portrait Chris Oh.png

Computer Science

Zihan Yan

Portrait Zihan Yan.png

Industrial Design

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Visiting Students

Wei Sun

Portrait Wei Sun.JPG

Computer Science

Chinese Academy of Science

Tuochao Chen

Portrait Tuochao Chen.JPG

Computer Science

Peking University

Yaxuan Li

Portrait Yaxuan Li.JPG

Electrical & Computer Engineering

McGill University

Bo Liang

Portrait Bo Liang.jpg


Peking University

Lab Alumnus

Fang Hu

Portrait Fang Hu.JPG

Computer Science

ShangHai JiaoTong University

Peng He

Portrait Peng He.JPG

Computer Science

Hangzhou Dianzi University

Songlin Xu

Portrait Songlin Xu.JPG

Computer Science

University of Science and Technology of China