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Curators[Magnetite- Protein Hydrogel Synthesis Protocol]


1. Heat a hot water bath to 80°C. 2. Follow the Magnetite Protocol Synthesis and make 1 sample.


1. attach sample to the overhead stirrer contraption. ensure that the falcon tube containing the sample is submerged in the hot water bath and that the stirrer is in the solution. 2. set the stirrer to 4000rpm and begin stirring the solution. 3. As the sample is being stirred, add the 2mL of FeSO4 drop-wise to the falcon tube. 4. Allow the sample to react for 4 hours. check on the samples often to make sure that the stirrer is not causing the sample solution to overflow out of the tube.


Every 30 minutes collect 2mL samples of the synthesizing solution for microscope analysis. 1. remove 1mL of sample and place in eppendorf tube. Remove another 1mL sample and place in a different eppendorf tube. Label the tubes with how many minutes since synthesis began (30,60, 90, 120 etc). 2. Centrifuge down the samples for 2 minutes. Remove supernatant and leave pellet behind. 3. Add 1mL of deionized water to each of the samples and re-suspend the magnetite samples by vortexing 4. remove a few drops of sample and look at under a microscope. 5. repeat this process every 30 minutes for 4 hours.


Due to time constraints, this method was only done for 2 hours today