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The ConiferMicrosat Community

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  • We are using OpenWetWare to provide an open, editable archive of microsatellite sequences identified for different conifer species. Our primary goal is to use this as an archive for our own libraries identified from long paired-end microreads on the Illumina Genome Analyzer.
  • If you would like to add your data to this archive, we only ask that you try to follow the conventions listed on the ConiferMicrosat pages listed below].
  • Happy Microsat Hunting!

A Note About Conifer Microsats

  • As noted above, our Conifer Microsats were identified from paired-end 80 bp sequences.

Genera Represented

| Pinus (Pine)

|Picea (Spruce)

| Abies (Fir)

| Other Genera


  1. DNA_Seq Prep. Conifers join a long list of 'recalcitrant' plants that are difficult for DNA extraction. We use a modification of the Fast-Prep method.
  1. Microsatellite Recipes

Links to the ConiferMicrosat Community

Cronn Lab - USDA Forest Service PNW Research Station