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Subversion project page




  • Create repository
svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs $HOME/svnrepo
  • Checkout file
svn checkout file://$HOME/svnrepo $HOME/checkout
  • to check the status of a file
svn status [PATH]
  • '?' means no file named README is in HEAD of the repository, which is what we expect as this is an empty repository
  • 'A' means the file has been added to our working copy, but not yet checked in. In general, svn status will only show us lines of output for changes in our working copy
  • to add a file to the working copy
svn add README
  • commit the changes from working copy to repository
svn commit -m 'my first file!'
  • bring changes from repository to the working copy
svn update
  • view history
svn log