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From A Beginner's Guide to Using EMACS

Quitting EMACS:
Quit: Ctrl-x Ctrl-c
I pushed the wrong key. Help!: Ctrl-g
Working with files:
Load a file: Ctrl-x Ctrl-f
Load a directory: Ctrl-x Ctrl-f
New file: Ctrl-x Ctrl-f
Save a file: Ctrl-x Ctrl-s
Save all open files: Ctrl-x s
Save the file with a new name Ctrl-x Ctrl-w
Dealing with Buffers
Switch buffers: Ctrl-x b
Close buffer: Ctrl-x k
Split current buffer Ctrl-x 2
Make current buffer the only one on screen Ctrl-x 1
Switch between the buffers on-screen Ctrl-x o
Cutting and pasting
Set mark: Ctrl-[SPACE]
Cut and save text from here to mark: Ctrl-w
Paste saved text: Ctrl-y
Cut text from the cursor to the end of the line: Ctrl-k