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Beowulf Clusters

MIT BioMicro Center maintains two (2) Class 1 Beowulf Clusters for the BioMicro community:



Both of these clusters are configured to use the TORQUE batch-queuing system to farm jobs out to the several compute nodes.

Queuing Software Documentation:


MPI Tips

Cluster Support

Problems with the cluster can be emailed to clustersupport at mit dot edu Please note, that only mail from accounts will be accepted

User mailing list

Discussion and user list is biohpc at mit dot edu. To get added to the list, send mail to biosupport at mit dot edu, and say that you want to be added to biohpc

General Computing Support

For general computing support write biosupport at mit dot edu Please provide your name, email address, phone number and detailed description of your request. A service ticket will be generated and sent back to you.

AIX Clusters

AIX Performance Graphs Not currently working.