Combining Parts according to sequence homology

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Combinable Terminators

Part number Directionality/Efficiency Lenght Type Location Combine with
B0015 Bi,98% (F), 30->60% (R) 1 Double In stock
B1001 Bi,90% (F), 75% (R) 1 Single
B0014 Bi,96% (F), 96% (R) 1 Double In stock
B0011 Bi, ,95% (F), 86% (R) 46bp Plate 1, 2A
J61048] Fwd 98% 113bp

Common vectors

Plasmid Replicon Copy number
pBR322[1] and its derivatives pMB1 15-20
pUC vectors pMB1 500-700
pACYC and its derivatives p15A[2] 10-12
pSC101 and its derivatives pSC101[3] 5
ColE1 ColE1[4, 5] 15-20

Replicon compatibility

Incompatibility group Negative control element Comment
colE1[4, 5], pMB1 RNAI controls processing of pre-RNAII into primer. pUC is derived from pBR322 (a single mutation in the pBR322 Primer RNA and deletion of the rop gene) which is derived from a pMB1 replicon, and cannot co-reside with the colE1 incompatibility group.
IncFII, pT181 RNA controls synthesis of RepA protein
P1, F, R6K, pSC101[3], p15A[2] iterons sequesters RepA protein

Replication origins in different incompatibility groups are compatible. Replication origins in the same incompatibility group are not.

Some sets of vectors with compatible origins are available as a part of the Novagen Duet system. (from TK)

Individual vector links

Note: searching for cloning vector <insert vector name> when looking for vector sequences in NCBI Entrez Nucleotide search. It helps to cut down on the number of hits.