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The Urinomics Project


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Urinoscope design resources

The Urinoscope will be designed as an Open Source Hardware project. The Urinoscope is a generic spectrophotometer used to screen urine samples. It will be built from existing projects such as the Arduino microcontroller, and it will be using LED technologies.

Three different designs, based on three different sensors, will be explored for the 'Urinoscope':

Spectroscopy format resources

The scientific community has produced several standards to represent spectroscopic data. The project will evaluate them in order to produce a Urinoscope design compatible with state-of-the-art spectroscopic data handling.

Open Urinome Dataset resources

The Urinomics project will develop a central Open Dataset to store and share the data produce by the Urinoscope. It will be implemented as an Open Source Software project, and it will use existing available Open Source resources to implement a database and an open API to store and query the repository.

Urinome Visualisation resources

During the Urinomics project an import module will be develop in Processing in order to read the Urinome data standard from the Urinome Open Dataset. Such module will enable anybody to create new visualisation techniques to display Urinome data.