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Design overview

Novak 2007 Fluorometer Design 1.gif

Bill of materials

  • Optics:
    • Blue LED (ETG-5CE490-15)
    • Lenses (collimation + focus) from Geltech molded glass aspheric lenses (Thorlabs Inc) (6.5mm diameter / focal length 3.1mm / numerical aperture 0.68)
    • Excitation filter ET470/40x from Chroma Inc
    • Dichroic mirror T495LP from Chroma Inc
    • Conventional mirror
    • Emittion filter ET525/50m frmo Chroma Inc
    • Silicon photodiode BPW21 from Siemens Inc (sensitive area 7.34mm2 / quantum yield 0.8 / optical sensitivity 10 nN lx-1)
  • Electronics:
    • Lock-in system based on NE555 (ST microelectronics)
    • Operationa amplifier OPA129 (Burr Brown Inc)
    • Demodulator AD630 (analog Devices Inc)

Published performances

  • LOD for fluorescein 2nM
  • Probed volume < 0.5 uL