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Master Plate

Created on 12/08/2014 from liquid culture, which again was created from one motile colony of the original master plate.
The original master plate again was created from glycerol stock of RP437 E. Coli on 06.08..

Liquid Colony

  • Created on 19/08/2014 [disappeared]

Suspended a few colonies from Master Plate into 1ml of LB media.

  • Created on 27/08/2014

Suspended a few colonies from Master Plate into ~5ml of LB media.

RP437 Strain

Datasheet of the RP437 Strain

After reviving this strain, test on soft agar plates and pick a colony that is motile and chemotactic because nonmotile variants arise in room temperature stab-cultures.

Microfluidics Devices

Leveling Petri Dish

Problem: Oven is not even, the PDMS stamps therefore will be to thin at one side or the fluid even leaks over the waver and the stamp will be to thin everywhere.
Solution: Filling up a Petri Dish with ~20ml PDMS and curing it in the oven (lower rack, placing dish at the very back on the right wall with the marker pointing perpendicular to the backwall). The fluid's plane will be arranged perpendicular to the gravitational force eventually. Future petri dishes with PDMS then can be placed on top of this device.

H-Pattern PDMS stamps

  • 20.08. (entire pattern)
  • 22.08. (pre-cut)
  • 27.08. (Araldite Replica II)

Various non- or bad-functioning racing tracks

Mother Machine Stamp (without holes / connections)

Original Silicon Wafer with H-Pattern

Original Pattern etched on the Silicon Wafer
Track width: 2µm
Track length: 362µm
Number of tracks: 32

Araldite Molds

  • Araldite Replica I, created on 26.08. from H-Pattern PDMS stamp (20.08.)
  • Araldite Replica II, on 26.08. from H-Pattern PDMS stamp (20.08.) with increased thickness


  • Coring Tool 2mm
  • PDMS Chemicals (Sylgard, Silicone Elasteromer KIT 184)
  • Araldite Chemicals (Resinova Bondtite)