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Plasma Cleaning Protocol

  • turn on the dry air outside the building to 50 kg*m^-1*s^-2 (first open gas bottle valve by turning ccw, then turn black knob cw)
  • turn on the dry air inside the building above the plasma cleaner to 30 (unit?) by turning cw
  • turn on plasma cleaner, close all vents (vent ctrl, gas1 & gas2 by turning cw)
  • settings: 70,30,10,1,restr,60,10,1,5,0
  • add whatever you want to clean
  • push start
  • after "bleeding champer with gas" open gas 1 quickly to ~ 10^0 mbar by turning it ccw
  • after "vent hold" open vent ctrl by turning it ccw
  • after finishing process, close gas1 and vent ctrl again
  • after end of lab work: close inside and outside gas valves

Why Plasma Cleaning?