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Steps to buy Chemicals

1. Check on the excel sheet in the website before placing an order.

2. After receiving, make sure a copy of the receipt is placed in the receipt folder.

3. If it is a new chemical, an MSDS sheet should definitely be placed in the MSDS folder. Even if it is a re-order, it is suggested to replace the old sheet with a new one to keep it updated.

4. Make sure the chemical is placed in the right rack. There are different shelves for organic and inorganic chemicals, and microorganisms. Flammable chemicals and strong acids go into the flammable rack below the hood.

5. Update the excel sheet on the website to notify other students and leave notes regarding the toxicity of the chemical.

6. Also leave notes regarding your requirements to maintain the chemical. For example, if you want the entire chemical for yourself, or if there is certain specifications regarding the usage you would like other students to follow etc.

7. Make sure you leave a note on the excel sheet if you (if possible, other students outside our lab) are taking the chemical out of the laboratory.

Organic Chemical List

List of chemicals, and comments regarding their availability.

First Alphabet Chemical Used for Quantity Comments Ordered by Order Date
A Acetic acid standard HPLC 500 ml . Qin May-06
A Avicel PH-101 Enzyme activity 500 g . Deepti Sept-05
B Butyric Acid standard HPLC 200 ml Right now in Dr. Demirci's refrigerator Qin May-06
C Cellobiose D(+) Enzyme activity 250 g . Deepti Sept-05
C Citric acid, Monohydrate Enzyme activity 500 g . Deepti Sept-05
E Ethanol standard HPLC 1000 ml . Qin May-06
G . . . . . .
G . . . . . .
G . . . . . .
L . . . . . .
S . . . . . .
X . . . . . .

Inorganic Chemical List