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Current Members

Kim lab alumni

Jieun Park, M.S. Graduate Student (2013-2015), currently PH.D student at Seoul Nat'l University.
Lalit Kumar Sharma, Ph.D., Graduate Student (2010-2012), Chemical Biology, St Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Marie Wehenkel, Ph.D. Graduate Student (2006-2011), McGargill Lab, Dept of Immunology, St Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Hyosung Lee, Ph.D. Graduate Student (2005-2010), professor, Seowon University, Cheong-ju, Korea
Abby Ho, Ph.D. Graduate Student (2004-2008) 230-0431 (cell) Army research institute, Washington, D.C.
Miranda Gibson Summer Student, May-July, 2002 Graduate student (Rohr lab)
Yun Seung Jung Lab Tech(3/03 – 2/04) Ph.D. student, University of Texas SouthWestern Medical Center
Tina Searcy Summer student (6/16/04-8/30/04), Centre College, UNC graduate student
Seoyoung Lee Summer student (5/2004-8/2004), Korea
Sun-Hee Baek, Ph.D. Postdoc (6/2002-2/2005) Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Yang-eon Kim Lab Tech (5/2004-6/2006), Osong Biotechnology Institute, Korea
Kate Smiley SURF (5/2007-7/2007), Centre College, UK Medical School, currently Utah Medical center
Jin Tae Hong, Visiting Professor, Chungbuk National University (07/07-06/08)
Kedra Cyrus, Ph.D. Graduate Student (2004-2009), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Postdoctoral Fellow
Sung Hee Park LabTech (2008-2009), UK Grad Student (Crooks lab),
Hyung-Jun Han LabTech (2007-2008), PhD student (Prof. Young-Joon Surh's lab:, Seoul National University)
Samantha Mangold Summer Student (UK) (2007-2008), UK Nursing School
Jason Lee Summer student (UPenn) (5/2010-7/2010), Currently medical student at Mount Sinai Medical School, NY