ChemEng590B presentation rubric

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Last Updated: --Shelly Peyton 17:40, 11 April 2013 (EDT)

Rubric for your Final Presentations

Total grade for presentation: 10% of final grade

100 total possible points

10pts: Overall quality of slides (figures, background, vidoes, etc.)

10pts: Overall quality of your own speaking style (smoothness, knowledge, prep, etc.)

10pts: Motivation of human health problem you are tackling (who will you help?)

10pts: Salesmanship, marketing how amazing your approach is (prove to the class that it's novel)

10pts: Integrating results from other work to show your approach's feasibility

10pts: Transitions between topics and/or speakers

10pts: Conclusions

10pts: Questions posed and your ability to answer

10pts: Peer grading from the other members of class

10pts: INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS: Peer grading from the other members of your own group