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Grading rubric for grant review day.

1: Ryan Colombo, Matthew Osso, Stephanie Polgar, Julia Tomaszewski
2: Lenny Brandon, Chris Carr, Manuel Escanciano, Timothy Ma
3: Matthew McNulty, Adam Ramey, Kyle Reed, Anthony Valle

  • Grant review assignment will account for 10% of your total, final grade.

1. Each group has been formally assigned to review just one of these grants. – You can find this information on the website.
2. You have access to, and may read, all 3 grants posted, but you are only responsible for the grant to which you’re assigned.

1. Each member of the group should independently prepare ~1 page of notes (that you won’t turn in), that include the pros and cons of the grant idea.
2. Assign one person in your group to the be “scribe”.

1. Each person should bring a copy of the grant as well to facilitate discussion.
2. In class, we will go through each grant. For the grant you are officially assigned, you will talk, in class, from your seat, for about 5min, giving a short summary of what was good and bad about the grant.
3. During this discussion, anyone in class can comment, but you’re only required to talk about the grant you were assigned.
4. During the discussion, the scribe will take notes on their laptop about what was discussed about the grant. This will be read aloud, at the end of the lecture, to the whole group.

DUE BY 11:59, APRIL 2ND:
1. Please email me this summary page for your grade by midnight, April 2nd (same day).

50%: in class discussion (I will pay attention to how thorough each individual member’s review is).
50%: Scribe’s report. 1 page. Thorough, with pros and cons brought up in the discussion. No references needed. It will be sent by the scribe, but I encourage the whole group to look it over before turning it in.