ChemEng575 NIHPres Rubric

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NIH Group Presentations Grading Rubric

100 Possible Points

10 Points: Overall quality of slides
10 Points: Motivation of human health problem you are tackling. Is your problem significant? If you're successful, who cares? How many people will you help?
10 Points: Salesmanship, marketing how amazing your approach is. Are you tackling a tough problem? Will this be a breakthrough in technology? Are you the first people to ever try this? Is it risky?
20 Points: What is your idea and approach? Is it clear to me what you will actually do? Illustrations, Figures to explain your method. Is your approach reasonable and doable?
10 Points: How have you leveraged what we've learned in this class to achieve your goals?
10 Points: Integration of preliminary data. What have other people done and how will you leverage that in your approach?
10 Points: Transitions between topics and/or speakers. Make these seamless! Practice!
10 Points: Conclusions. What are the next steps?
10 Points: Questions posed and your ability to answer