ChemEng575 NIHGrant Rubric

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NIH Grant Grading Rubric

100 Possible Points

10 Points: Specific Aims Page. Did you grab my attention in this first page? Can I tell what you're proposing? Writing quality
15 Points: Significance Section. Is your problem significant? If you're successful, who cares? How many people will you help? Writing quality
15 Points: Innovation Section. Are you tackling a tough problem? Will this be a breakthrough in technology? Are you the first people to ever try this? Is it risky? Writing quality
20 Points: Approach Section. Is it clear to me what you will actually do? Illustrations, Figures to explain your method and/or preliminary data. Is your approach reasonable and doable? Writing Quality
20 Points: Grammar, Spelling
10 Points: Length (follow NIH guidelines)
10 Points: Quality of references. PEER REVIEWED. (Wikipedia does not count). No websites. Format your references according to the NIH guidelines