Centrifuge, Ultra, table top

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CAPTAIN: Kathy Ruppel - B405


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

2. Turn on centrifuge 10 to 15 minutes ahead of your spin. Close lid and begin cooling vacuum chamber.

3. Load samples into appropriate rotor. Make sure the rotor is BALANCED. Make sure all the rotor O-rings are in place and have a thin coating of vacuum grease.

4. Press the “door” button to release vacuum. Place rotor in vacuum chamber on spindle. Push the button in the center of the top of the rotor until it clicks and then check to make sure it is locked by pulling up gently on the rotor. Close vacuum lid

5. Select time and speed and press start.

 Note: Run will not start until the chamber is under vacuum as evidenced by the indicator light turning off, should only take a couple of minutes.

6. At end of run remove samples, close lid and make sure vacuum is released before turning off centrifuge.

 Note: If the rotor stops a spin because the rotor is unlocked or unbalanced it will go into an automatic reset mode that will last ~30 mins during which time the vacuum chamber will be locked.

FULL MANUAL: File:TL-100.pdf

Quick Reference: https://ehs.stanford.edu/reference/centrifuge-safety


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