Centrifuge, Ultra, full size

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CAPTAIN: Kathy Ruppel - B405


1. New users MUST be trained by the captain or present users

2. Must log user info prior to run and if there's any issues.

3. Biochemistry Department students and staff have priority when using this and all centrifuges in B430. Outside users MUST have prior approval from Marc Perez in B483 and are responsible for bringing their own rotors, tubes, etc.


1. Insure OverSpeed disc on the bottom of your rotor is intact and clean

2. Balance samples properly (ideally within .01g )

 Note: If using swinging buckets be sure to balance both the sample and bucket as buckets have small amounts of variability.

3. Insure rotor is firmly attached to spindle before starting run.

4. Check all O-rings on rotor/bucket caps


1. Log your run in log book.

2. Rinse out bucket or rotor with DI water and dry with Kimwipes

3. Spray 70% Ethanol on Kimwipe and clean inside of centrifuge.

4. Before turning off the machine insure the well is dry, then pull a vacuum for ~30 seconds

5. Always leave lid of centrifuge closed to prevent dust build up


If screw-caps are difficult to thread, add a small amount of spincoat to the threads and rub in with a gloved finger.

Quick Reference: https://ehs.stanford.edu/reference/centrifuge-safety

Please report any issues to Marc Perez in B483

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