Centrifuge, Microfuge (5415)

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CAPTAIN: Hernan Espinosa - B439


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users.


1: Place your Eppendorf tubes into the rotor.****THE TUBES MUST BE BALANCED IN THE ROTOR****

 Note: There are different centrifuges for radioactive and non-radioactive materials

2: Secure the rotor cover on the rotor.

3: Close the centrifuge lid.

4: Set the spin speed.

5C: 5415C - The spin will start as soon as the time dial is actuated, or the pulse button, center, is pressed.

5D: 5415D - Set spin time, then press "Start".

6: When the spin is complete, open the lid. The lid will not open until the spin is complete.

7: Remove rotor cover and LEAVE IT WITH THE CENTRIFUGE.

8: Remove your tubes and any counterbalances.

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