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A collection of instructional videos from across the internet.

How to add a video to this page

There are so many science videos out there that collecting them all in a single "videos" category would be impractical. Instead, subcategories provide a handy way to tag videos and keep the master list (this page) tidy.

The first thing to do is to create a page for the video you wish to add. Make sure to give it a descriptive name. (For lectures, the form Firstname_Lastname_-_Title_Of_Talk has been used so far; I'm open to better suggestions.) You can link YouTube videos directly like this:

<youtube align="left">s2HPVs25HlY</youtube>


<html><div style="clear:both;"></div></html>

after each video is a good idea, and should definitely be done after the last video on a page to keep the formatting tidy.

To categorize a video, simply add
at the bottom of the page. (The tag can go anywhere, but keeping tags at the bottom makes editing easier.) If the category already exists and has already been added as a subcategory of the Videos category, the page will automatically link to the appropriate subcategory and be added to the subcategory's alphabetical index. You can add as many categories as you like, and are encouraged to do so for ease of reference.

If one of the categories you add is not a subcategory of Videos, or does not already exist, you will need to place a backlink to the Videos category on the category page. (If you see "Categories: WhateverCategory" at the bottom of the page but not a link to "Videos > WhateverCategory", then the category is not a subcategory of Videos. If the category link is red, then the category doesn't exist at all.) To add a category as a subcategory of Videos, edit the category's page to include
and it will appear on this page.


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