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OpenWetWare Community Tags

this category defines general attributes OWW Users can use or extend to define their profile.

Make Yourself Visible on OpenWetWare

Tutorial under construction ...

What is it about ?

  • It is a short tutorial to help you to make your User profile easier to find by others. It describe the use of mediaWiki Categories and SubCategories for that purpose.
  • Raising your profile on OWW could have several benefits:
    • It increases your chances of finding collaborators for your research.
    • ...
    • Or simply, to find some local contacts when traveling to a conference.
  • It requires you to populate your OWW user page with 'Categories' tags (pre-defined or created by you). You simply have to add at the bottom of your user page the list of 'Categories' tags which are relevant to you. No specific order needed, example: [[Category:XXXXXXXX]] [Category:YYYYYYYY]] [[Category:ZZZZZZZZZ]],

What you can tell about you

>>> My Location information

  • your Country
    • your City
      • your Institution/Company
        • your Lab/Group

more info here

>>> My Research interests

  • Field of research
  • Specific topic of research

more info here

>>> Skills to share with OWW community

  • Experimental skills
  • Theoretical skills
  • Languages

more info here

>>> How I am or wish to contribute to OpenWetWare

  • Steering Committee Member
  • Consensus Protocol Writer
  • Experimental methodology
  • Science Writer
  • MediaWiki Extension Writer
  • OWW Wiki Administrator

more info here