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Lab Group

Technical Staff

  • Amy Mann, Research Technician III
  • Alison Payton, Laboratory Technician II

Graduate Students

  • Benjamin Anderson, Ph.D. candidate
  • Lingling Liu, Ph.D. candidate
  • Kristyn Nock, M.S. candidate
  • Annie Phillips, M.S. candidate


  • Susan Downer, M.S.

Graduated May 2010
Thesis: Improvements in Norovirus Recovery from Foods and Food Contact Surfaces with Alternative Elution Buffers and Cationically Charged Magnetic Beads.

  • Christopher Sharps, M.S.

Graduated December 2010
Thesis: The Likelihood of Human Norovirus Contamination of Produce During Handling and the Removal of Foodborne Pathogens from Surfaces and Hands Using a Novel Charged Sanitizing Wipe.

  • Qing Wang, M.S.

Graduated August 2011
Thesis: Fate of Viruses Following Preparation of Fresh Produce with Kitchen Utensils.

  • Marlena Freeman, M.S.

Graduated August 2012
Thesis: Comparison of Antibody- and Ligand- Coupled Magnetic Beads for the Capture, Recovery, and Concentration of Norwalk Virus-Like Particles and Native GI.1 Virus in Buffer and Food Extract Matrices.

  • Stephanie Bolton, M.S.

Graduated August 2012
Thesis: Sanitizer Efficacy Against Murine Norovirus, a Surrogate for Human Norovirus, on Stainless Steel Surfaces Using Three Application Methods.

  • Claire Langley, M.S.

Graduated December 2013
Thesis: Novel Approaches for Capturing and Recovering Human Norovirus by Porcine Gastric Mucins.

  • Ola Afolayan, Ph.D.

Graduated August 2014
Thesis: Molecular Detection of Infectious Human Norovirus: Virus and Sample Properties Influencing Method Reliability.

  • Wei Kang, M.S.

Graduated August 2015
Thesis: A Novel Membrane-Based Electro-Separation Method (MBES) for Sample Clean-Up and Norovirus Concentration.