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Typically every other Thursday at 3pm in Keck 142. From Mory: "However, try not to fill up the third quarter. We are planning to invite some of the candidates in the Spring time."

Date Speaker School Host
3/8 Matteo Pellegrini UCLA Fiona
4/12 2pm Bob Chow UCLA Princess
4/26 Jeff Hasty UCSD Josh

Invitation Procedure

From Linda:

"First, Mory would like all the students who invite prospective speakers to run the name and dates by him before anything is confirmed to make sure if the person is a faculty search candidate that the search committee is available to schedule appointments with him, etc.

After a date is confirmed, we usually make a reservation at the Ath for the speaker. If the Ath isn't available, then we have to try to find another hotel like the Pasadena Hilton. We'll have to think about this, since we might want one secretary to do this so we can charge our Caltech credit cards, so for the time being, lets try the Ath and then if there are any problems, we'll develop a plan b."

As far as driving, mileage is reimbursed. I can check with Lilian on the rates and the form to use, but we can get this all organized so we can inform the speaker from the beginning so they know what to expect. Meals at the Ath can be charged to an account; meals at off-campus restaurants will have to be paid for by a (faculty or student) host and then they can submit a form for reimbursement."

"We usually offer an honorarium, which you can tell them, but we haven't got an exact amount decided at the moment."

From CCE: [1]

Planning Meetings, etc.

paraphrased from Linda:

"Once you have somebody confirmed, let me know and I'll send out an email to see if anybody is interested in meeting them. In addition, the speaker themselves is likely to know people they would want to meet at Caltech, and may request those meetings themselves, or through me. If you invite a speaker, you may want to meet them on campus and help them find their way around between meetings, if they need it." - Sawyer

Budget Notes

From Mory:

"Figure of merit is 3:1 ratio West-coasters to East-coasters, as far as money is concerned."

Lists of Speakers at Other Local Schools/Conferences

(to be added)

From Mory:

"Try to find out if there are speakers at other local schools who might also be willing to speak at Caltech. Check local conferences for speakers. "


I assume Linda can get the website updated. We should probably also put these on Caltech Today (today@caltech, I think), and any department lists you think might be interested (Stephanie Canada, canadas@its for Biomail, etc.). - Jkm


(please give a few keywords for presenters' areas of expertise)


  1. Dan Kamei, UCLA [2]
  2. Ben Wu, UCLA [3]


  1. Norbert Pelc, Stanford [4]
  2. Charles Taylor, Stanford [5] - has given a talk in the last year. Scratch from list?
  3. Michael Savageau, Davis [6]


  1. Fred Blattner, Wisconsin-Madison [7]
  2. Greg Stephanopoulos, MIT [8]
  3. Charles Ofria, MSU [9]
  4. Ned Wingreen, Princeton [10]


  1. Mandyam Srinivasan (bees and robotics), Australian National University, [11]

Recent Speakers

(to be filled in as we get information from Lilian)

Other Seminars at Caltech

cns-interest [12] (calendar is no longer updated on-line)

biology calendar [13]

chemical engineering calendar [14] Italic text