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Tasks for today

  • Midi-preps on cellulases and RFP (DK & JF)
  • Run WaaL on gel, gel extract, purify and run against XbaI/SpeI AK3 vector (Jim)
  • Ligations - Harvard BB, CRP, dirty ligation (RBS & AK3) (DK)
  • Mini-prep and RD on OtsB (RV)
  • Replenish DNA insert stocks - OtsA, OtsB, Dam, RcsB (RV)
  • Re-transform all BBs (JF)
  • Digest CRP, HVD, GFP, run on gel and gel purify GFP (DK)
  • Gel purify CRP insert (Jim)
  • Make more LB & LB Agar (RV)
  • Make Kan & Amp plates (DR)