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  • James Field 03:59, 12 August 2009 (EDT):
  • Checked plates from Monday - pBAD failed to grow so re-plated (on both Kan & Amp plates in case registry was incorrect).
  • For the pBAD re-plating, I did two runs, one with 1.5ul DNA and the second with 1ul DNA.
  • The other two promoters extracted from registry on Monday had been transformed into E.coli without any problems.
  • Completed miniprep prep (5ml cultures & replica plates for all colonies to be used in Wednesday's miniprep).

Royah Vaezi:

  • Primers for PCR had arrived so made these up to stock solutions of 1ug/ul. Aliquots of working concentrations (100ng/ul) were obtained from these.
  • Primers are stored in the freezer.
  • PCR was carried out on the OtsB gene. Results were run on a gel to check the procedure had worked. Unfortunately no bands were obtained so this experiment will be repeated.